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 Libya Explodes

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Honored Armed Service Member
Honored Armed Service Member

Posts : 11868
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Age : 68
Location : Commie occupied N.J.

PostSubject: Libya Explodes   Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:09 am


Libya ExplodesFebruary 22nd, 2011 To quote Freddie Mercury of Queen, “Another one bites the dust.”
Libya has exploded in violence and rage not seen in the Arab Muslim world since last week in Egypt and UC Irvine.
Yet unlike UC Irvine, this Arab Muslim rage is positive. Moammar Khadafi is being overthrown as dictator for life in Libya.
The entire Arab world has finally risen up. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and You-tube have allowed the flow of information to be imported and exported en masse. There is no way to contain the people any more. They want to be free.
In 1989 it was Hungary, Poland, and the former Soviet Republics. 2011 brings Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, and yes, Iran. The Mullahs at this very minute know that their time in power is limited.
These are not paid leftist mercenaries roaming from Wisconsin to Ohio looking for things to actually do. These are people who have faced true oppression and are finally standing up for their basic rights as human beings and creatures of God.
(For those wondering where Barack Obama is, he has been relegated to appearing in parentheses. He does not care about Libya. He cares about Wisconsin, and is most likely enraged with God for dumping 13 inches of snow on the protesters. Paid mercenaries tend to flee in bad weather. Also, the price of gasoline exploding due to the situation in Libya is forbidden from being broached by American journalists. Since there is no way to blame it on Dick Cheney or Halliburton, the media will ignore it.)
Picture the protesters in Libya as being like Moveon.org, except with an actual purpose.
If the First Community Organizer in Chief had an ounce of courage, he would issue a strongly worded statement in favor of the protesters and demand that Khadafi leave now. Sending Hillary Clinton out to offer standard State Department blather doesn’t cut it.
The entire Arab Muslim world is looking to America for emotional support. The word “emotion” is not something Mr. Obama is known for, especially since the selfish creatures in the Middle East are more concerned with avoiding bullets than getting passionate about cap and trade or high speed rail.
To Mr. Obama’s consternation and chagrin, the world is going to go on without him. The chains of dictatorship and tyranny are being broken. The people will be free. It will be violent, bloody, and painful. It will also be worth it.
For those worrying that the new government taking over will be worse than the current evil, this is nothing more than an excuse to maintain the untenable status quo.
“Realpolitik” should cease to exist. Propping up dictators because they are “our” dictators should be abolished forever as American policy. “Stability” is phony. Secular democracy is real.
Stability has brought us temporary respites between a string of unending crises.
Those claiming that democracy and Islam are incompatible deserve to be confined to the ash heap of badly written history.
The Arab Muslim will be free. Americans can either support people shedding their own blood for freedom, or we can offer meaningless platitudes about caution and calm.
We can follow the lead of George W. Bush, who overthrew two murderous regimes and set up fledgling secular democracies.
Alternatively we can slink behind Barack Obama, who is more concerned about his own reelection in 2012 than in making a single bold statement to help Arab Muslims in 2011.
Everything in this world flows from doing what is right. Giving people human dignity is right. Supporting those who suppress this dignity is wrong.
In 2008 Barack Obama supporters insufferably babbled about “hope,” “change,” and “Yes, we can.” Those were meaningless vacuous phrases that have impacted the world with all the intensity of Rip Van Winkle after a Nyquil binge. Yet in Libya words are actually be transferred into meaningful actions that could benefit the world for decades if not generations to come.
It is imperative that Americans stand up and do everything in our power to encourage secular democracy in Libya.
Just because our own leader refuses to lead by example does not mean we have to be as politically impotent as he is.
Long after he has been forgotten, the Libyan people need to remember that the average American cared.
Khadafi Duck, you have quacked your last soliloquy.
It is time for Libya to be liberated.
It is time for the next domino in the worldwide freedom movement to fall.
It is time for you to go.

I like what this guy says. Obugger on this issue will screw us up in the middle east for a long time for not standing up for the demonstrators in these Arab countries. Obobooger needs to go also.
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Alley_Oop Mod/Admin

Posts : 15226
Join date : 2010-06-06
Age : 69
Location : Denton

PostSubject: Re: Libya Explodes   Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:00 am

Shame we cannot overthrow his arse while all this is going on!

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ - Benefactor Life NRA - Concealed Handgun Instructor Texas


There are only two defining forces that have ever offered to die for you!
Jesus Christ for your soul and the American Soldier for your freedom!
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Honored Armed Service Member
Honored Armed Service Member

Posts : 11868
Join date : 2010-07-25
Age : 68
Location : Commie occupied N.J.

PostSubject: Re: Libya Explodes   Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:53 pm

Yeah where is obabuggerboo? Why isn't he on top of this crisis? They said because of other priorities, he has not been able to comment. Here is supposidly the leader of the free world and he has been mute.
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PostSubject: Re: Libya Explodes   

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Libya Explodes
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